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Vending Machine in Shin-Okubo

The vending machines were taken in Shin-Okubo whereas the trees were from the Imperial Palace.   Advertisements

Rainbow bridge in Odaiba

  This scenery of the Rainbow Bridge was recreated using various pictures I took from my Japan trip. This is going to be one of the backdrops for another of my illustration.

Scotty and co in Hakone

Original image.  

Takeru being Takeru

Chain reaction: Mr. T pesters Hikari for food, Hikari refuses, swings the food away from him. Her hand hits Ryo’s back, Ryo spills his drink onto Misaki, Misaki wails like a baby. And… Continue reading


My original character Sushiman, originally created along with tempuraman, for my graduate animation film back in 2010. An illustration I did quite some time ago. A parody of the Beatles’ abbey street but… Continue reading

The Lone Cat

Photo composition of my cat and random buildings in Tokyo shot on the NEX-c3.

Get your white Scotty here!

A collage of photos from sxc.hu and also those that I took in Liverpool and Prague during my last summer trip.

I heard you singing

Wow, that’s a really strong…


Ever thought of going to the beach during winter?


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