This shows how much I miss the banana choc-top at Hoyts, Melbourne. Advertisements

Unveil the truth…

…behind those drapes, um, buildings. Attempted the displacement filter in Photoshop for the first time. Works like magic!

Are you safe from the storm?

Kumachan finally made his debut on this blog.

We’re going home!

Going home to the zooooooo……

Monochrome Spectrum Live

Concert poster for the Monochrome Spectrum. A fictional band created just for fun.

Say no to smoking

A community message to the public from the creatives.

What’s in your head?

The random thoughts of a male and female.

Unplug for a greener and brighter day

Entry submission for a local competition I participated this year.

Takeru’s bowtie collection

Takeru, one of my manga characters, has an extensive collection of bowties. This poster acts as a bowtie calendar.


Poster design for the launch of creatives. iPad app, which in reality does not exist…yet.

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