Takeru being Takeru

Chain reaction: Mr. T pesters Hikari for food, Hikari refuses, swings the food away from him. Her hand hits Ryo’s back, Ryo spills his drink onto Misaki, Misaki wails like a baby. And… Continue reading


My original character Sushiman, originally created along with tempuraman, for my graduate animation film back in 2010. An illustration I did quite some time ago. A parody of the Beatles’ abbey street but… Continue reading

The Lone Cat

Photo composition of my cat and random buildings in Tokyo shot on the NEX-c3.

Photography Studio (WIP)

This artwork is still a work in progress. I have yet to find time to complete the human illustrations as seen in my sketch below. For the record, if anybody has realized, the dude… Continue reading

Protect your ideas

A poster to promote intellectual property.

Ginza + Shibuya

  Some photos taken during my Japan trip. Original images were shot using Sony Nex-C3.

Black Book

My black book of ideas.

Japan 2012 #1 – Hakone

As of 4th of March, 2012, my long time dream has come true. I finally set foot in the land of the rising sun, Japan, with my family. The dream lasted 10 days… Continue reading

Nemo and a bulb

Random things you can do with a vintage wall lamp.

  • I am a Bruneian visual artist / graphic designer / illustrator who provides you with fresh and out of the box designs. Like my work? Drop me a line at josephine_on@hotmail.com

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