Monthly Archive: March, 2012

Paint yourself

In a totally random way. Advertisements

Kuma needs a break

Kuma overlooking Shinjuku with his trusty briefcase.

One night in Tokyo

Just another night in Tokyo.

A trail of sparkles

Something I did a few weeks back. I haven’t had much time to create something new as I’m still sorting out the pictures from my Japan trip.

Experiencing Durarara in Ikebukuro

Comparing the real Ikebukuro and the Ikebukuro in Durarara. Very impressive indeed. As expected of  Brain’s Base.   

To Japan!

I’ll be going to Japan from the 4th till 14th of March so no updates during this short period. I’ve just finished packing today and I’m sooooo exciteddd!!! I’m finally going to the… Continue reading

There’s a need for speed

Which one do you prefer? PS. Stock images courtesy of and Google.

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