Monthly Archive: January, 2012

Less Meat, More Greens

To those who need a healthier diet. Advertisements

Create your own wax seal

The random things you can do with a wax seal.

Want to get inked?

With a fountain pen.

Happy CNY everyone!

I’ve been busy these few days because of the New Year celebration. Anyway, I submitted my portfolio to Daily Inspiration¬†around two weeks ago and I was delighted to see it up on the… Continue reading

Feeling dry?

Make an Impact / Supra

Unofficial Supra ad. Supra shoes template courtesy of this website. Creating these artworks were quite a challenge but fun nonetheless.

The life in figurines

A stark contrast as compared to Sebastian and Ciel.

The power of diamonds

A little Photoshop practice I did a while ago. I had a little fun with diamonds.

Yes, My Lord

Since I do not have proper shots of people,¬†I thought nendoroids would suffice. I was trying to reproduce the scene and atmosphere one would expect from a Kuroshitsuji episode. Kuroshitsuji is a pretty… Continue reading

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